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Christa Vande Vegte


Christa Vande Vegte has been passionate about storytelling since she was a child. She writes middle-grade fantasy and fiction. She also writes other children's books and short stories.  She is the author of the Little Bay Series.

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About Me:

I grew up on a farm in Northwest Iowa and now reside in Florida.

My Little Bay Series is inspired by the numerous hours I spent in the grove on my childhood farm. My secret hiding place was among the mulberry trees, where I would lay on an old, worn-out picnic table, stare up into the trees, and daydream.

I would also make movie sets with my Fischer Price figures. My ultimate goal was to use my Mom and Dad's camcorder to film my sets, but I was never allowed to use the camcorder, which was very unfortunate.

Another place where my imagination would run wild was in our barn. I had many cats I took care of in the haymow and made a land for them called Kitty Kountry.

Nowadays, some of my most creative and off-the-wall ideas come from tagging along with my husband on his business trips throughout the United States. 

My number one love is spending family time with my children and grandchild in Iowa. 

I currently work at DIY MFA.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading in my comfy chair on my balcony, watching movies, and gardening.


Please feel free to contact me!

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