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Christa Vande Vegte


Having been captivated by storytelling from a young age, Christa remains deeply passionate about it. Her writing primarily encompasses middle-grade fantasy and fiction.

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About Me:

I was raised on a farm in Northwest Iowa, and currently, I live in Florida.

The inspiration for my Little Bay series originated from the countless hours I spent in the grove of my family farm during my childhood. My secret hiding place was among the mulberry trees, where I would lay on an old, worn-out picnic table, stare up into the trees, and daydream.


Another hideaway of mine as a child was in the haymow of our barn, where I cared for numerous cats and made a special town for them called Kitty Kountry. In addition, I loved constructing movie sets with my Fischer Price figures. My ultimate dream was to capture these sets using my parents' camcorder. However, I was never allowed to use the camcorder, which was very unfortunate.


Nowadays, most of my most creative and off-the-wall ideas come from traveling with my husband. 


My number one LOVE is spending family time with my children and grandchild in Iowa. 


Presently, I am employed at DIY MFA.


Please feel free to contact me!

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