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Updated: Mar 31

The True Treasure Of Oak Island

After nine seasons, Gary Drayton, with his happy-go-lucky demeanor, soothing English accent, and over 25 years of treasure hunting and vast knowledge of history, is Oak Island's real "Bobby Dazzler."

It is, without a doubt, that without Gary, the "Metal Detecting Ninja," the Lagina brothers would have little to no treasure in their hands.

Using his dandy hand-held metal detecting device, Gary has found many brilliant finds, including several 18th-century British coins and buttons. A large metal spike that may have been used to construct a 16th-century Spanish galleon. And a brooch holding a 400 to 500-year-old rhodolite garnet dating the gemstone back as early as the 1500s.

Thanks to Gary and one of his "Top Pocket Finds," a Nights Templar Cross dating back to the 14th century, found at Isaac's Point on the easternmost part of the island, shows a definitive clue that the Templars were once on the island. "Holy-Shamoly!"

It's easy to see that Gary Drayton is the true treasure of Oak Island.

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  • Writer's pictureChrista Vande Vegte

Updated: Mar 31

I found a leaf lying on the ground, picked it up, and a memory from long ago came back.

I remember collecting leaves as a child and decorating them by gluing on candies to make a face. Along with taking stems off other leaves to glue on "stemmy" appendages to my new leafy creations

Was Little Bay already making her appearance in my life way back then?

It is crazy how many creative ideas are born and then lost in our brains but then make a friendly arrival again.

What else in this crazy brain of mine will I find for my next story?

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  • Writer's pictureChrista Vande Vegte

Updated: Mar 31

I feel it is bettter to write something than nothing at all. So today I tried some free verse writing.

Sunshine and Oatmeal Cookies

I am not feeling it.

I cannot write.

I cannot focus.

My brain is running amuck.

Finally, I sit.

A ray of sun shines through the window.

It warms my bare feet.

I bite into a freshly baked oatmeal cookie.

With these simple things, I catch my breath.

Now, I can regather my thoughts.

Grandma’s Music

Piano music.

Slow and steady.

I draw myself deeper into the notes.

They calm me; they ripple at my thoughts.

Thoughts of peace.

Thoughts of fond memories.

My grandma’s fingers slide over the keys.

She does not read sheet music.

She lets her fingers and mind make up the tunes.

~ I miss her.

Flower Vase

A simple white vase.

It holds such beauty.

A rose, a daisy, a tiger lily.

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