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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

I once read that confidence is a skill we build over time. That was very enlightening as I seriously thought that people were either born with it or not. After I thought about it a bit, I did have to agree. I was and am still at times the least confident person.

Even though I know I need to build my confidence, it doesn't mean I still don't get scared.

There will be times along my journey where I will get scared and fail, but I will need to use these failures to make me a better writer.

Even if doors get shut in my face, I will still move on, use it to better myself, and build up the courage to keep going. The calling to write and tell stories wasn't set in my heart to just be thrown away.

I watched a movie about David Bowie last night. The first album he debuted in 1967 was a complete flop, but that didn't stop him from going to America to pursue his dream to become a famous singer and did his best to move onto the next thing. To be a singer was in his heart; it was him, it made him, him. By 1969, only in two short years, he had a hit, "Space Oddity," a song that most everyone knows today and has either heard on the radio or in a movie.

I love watching movies and documentaries that show how people make it to their dream. It always starts off horribly, that you think, wow if that was most people or me, I would have quit right there and then.

But look what can happen if you don't give up. You learn, build your self-confidence, better yourself, and move on to the next step to get to your dream.

Ground control, I am ready for take-off.

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  • Writer's pictureChrista Vande Vegte

Updated: Mar 31

I am so thankful that my husband finally said, "I think it's time for you to quit your job."

Who would have thought I would finally hear my answer in a transfer van from the Cancun Airport to a resort in Costa Mujeres. But that was where I heard it.

I have prayed for so long, day after day, that I would be able to quit my job as a travel agent and become a writer and a successful one.

My husband asked if I was excited. I was, but at the same time, I couldn't believe it! It was way too surreal.

My thoughts at the time were, "Wow, Lord, it is the time!" Now, my prayers were instantaneously changed to, "Help me, guide me in the right way to quit my job and put all the effort I put in at my job now into my writing."

I have such great peace about this, but at the same time, I am a little scared. But isn't that always how it is when you are about to embark on a new journey that has been in your heart for years and you know is right?

I cannot wait to tell my children about my new journey!

Lord, thank you for answering my prayers!

Leaf Boy, here we go, baby!

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  • Writer's pictureChrista Vande Vegte

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

I am about to jump into a new journey. Read all about it and how I will get there.

Ever since I was a child, it has been in my heart to tell and write stories. Now that my children have grown and are out of the house, I believe I have the time to take hold of this dream of becoming an accomplished and successful writer.

Join me on my journey and path to a new career. Along the way, I hope you and I learn how to build confidence, a positive attitude, and the gusto to take the world by storm.

A friend once told me, "Ask for the world; you might get a piece of it." If you don't ask, you won't know. You never know what doors will be opened to getting closer to our goals and dreams.

I have struggled with self-esteem and confidence all my life. I always believe the lies of what others thought of me. I never went to college; I'm just a farm girl from Iowa; good luck with that, "writing a book." But I know I am better than that!

I cannot let what others think about me to allow them to bring me down, I may be a country girl without much class and only a high school diploma, but that doesn't mean I have nothing to say or tell the world!

Instead of getting frustrated about what others think or say about me, I need to use it to push myself to show them all different.

So with that, I am going to take what I enjoy and do it with a cheerful, positive, and thankful heart and attitude!

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