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Ground Control, I Need a Little Confidence Here

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

I once read that confidence is a skill we build over time. That was very enlightening as I seriously thought that people were either born with it or not. After I thought about it a bit, I did have to agree. I was and am still at times the least confident person.

Even though I know I need to build my confidence, it doesn't mean I still don't get scared.

There will be times along my journey where I will get scared and fail, but I will need to use these failures to make me a better writer.

Even if doors get shut in my face, I will still move on, use it to better myself, and build up the courage to keep going. The calling to write and tell stories wasn't set in my heart to just be thrown away.

I watched a movie about David Bowie last night. The first album he debuted in 1967 was a complete flop, but that didn't stop him from going to America to pursue his dream to become a famous singer and did his best to move onto the next thing. To be a singer was in his heart; it was him, it made him, him. By 1969, only in two short years, he had a hit, "Space Oddity," a song that most everyone knows today and has either heard on the radio or in a movie.

I love watching movies and documentaries that show how people make it to their dream. It always starts off horribly, that you think, wow if that was most people or me, I would have quit right there and then.

But look what can happen if you don't give up. You learn, build your self-confidence, better yourself, and move on to the next step to get to your dream.

Ground control, I am ready for take-off.

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