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Little Bay - The Adventures of a Leaf

Middle Grade Fantasy Series

In one tiny leaf, there holds powerful magic and belief that can save an entire dying realm.

Little Bay has been in my head since 2004, and it was not until a few years ago that I decided to finish my first draft. 

This past year I have been busy polishing it with the help of my beta readers and critique partners. I can't thank them enough for their fabulous input. 

Thank you! Thank you! You know who you are :)

Stetson the Fastest Dog in the West

Picture Book Fiction Series

Stetson is a Cairn Terrier and Sheriff of a small town in the Old West. He roams around in his fancy calico vest, scouting out dangers and helping critters in need.

Stetson and Sweet Nala.webp
Three colored tree.webp

Little Bay Series

Book 2

Middle Grade Fantasy Series

As I polish book 1 of Little Bay, I am busy at work coming up with fantastical ideas and drafting several chapters for book 2. 

Coming Soon...

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